Saturday, 25 May 2013

The heat of Summer In Pakistan and GLORIA JEANS Fruit Chiller...The perfect Combo !!

Hey !!
Enjoying Summer ? I hope load shedding has made it more fun ;)
With 42 to 50 degree temperature extreme Garmi and Looo in day time , body feels no need of having good food . It wants cold things to eat and drink. Garmi is on extreme this year in May like it is in june or july before. No one wants to hang out these days . I like to fantasize like i am lying down in a room with AC and there is no load shedding and I have something cold in my hand to drink :P Life would be heaven !! :P But it is not..... We have to make ourselves enjoy summers . Do things which make your summer days more memorable.

Last weekend I happen to go to Gloria jeans Fsd. Feeling no craving for food I ordered their strawberry fruit chiller and I was honored :P It was lovely !! So refreshing cool and Delicious . It had some fruits some artificial flavors I guess and finely crushed ice in it. It was amazing really It made my inner cold . I tasted their mixed berry fruit chiller too it has a very good taste . I love their fruit chillers and these are the best summer treats you can have. I love their ambiance and atmosphere too , the dim lights the lovely music and the coolness !! Together makes this place a lovely one to hangout in Summers, Order anything from their menu and have a fruit chiller or iced tea with it. You ll love it !!

My fantasy would add these fruit chillers in place of something cold now I guess ;) Enjoy summers !!
Make your eyes feel cool with the pictures !! :)

Love the colors and stay happy !!
Take care.


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  2. Yes you are right :) Thanks for commenting :)