Friday, 3 May 2013

Top 3 Must Try 'Pakistani Snacks' Places :P

You must be thinking what on earth am I talking about.....What are Pakistani snacks?? :P Yeah Pakistani snacks are the food we eat while walking down the streets from small shops around. In short these are the street foods ;) I must say this is my quality I can eat everything and everywhere :P regardless of the typical mummy daddy attitude !! ;) I am a Pakistani and I Love my desi Food more than any restaurant in the world. No restaurant can compete with our taste :)

The best snacks which are my favorite too here in Faisalabad are:
1- Gol-gappas of food stall in main D ground street 
2-Papri chaat of a small shop beneath Sitara mall.
3-Aalu cutlets of a small food stall near some petrol pump while coming to Faisalabad.

You may have tried these dishes from many places but i bet you have never got the true flavor . I have these dishes from many places but no place can reach the owsumness of these places :P
Gol gappas are the most favorite typical Pakistani people's dish. I don't think any Pakistani wouldn't have tasted it once in life. These foods are our basic needs like water :P :P window shopping is the habit of we friends and when we are tired of it we just sit down somewhere and start eating :P

I am having these gol gappas from 4 years and I love them. No gol gappas tasted like the ones in d ground. Th filling they put in the gol gappas is made up of mashed potatoes, channas (chick peas), onions, tomatoes and coriander and the spices I don't know what they are but they give a slightly more chilly taste . They are medium spicy and the khatta paani server with them has a taatri ( a bitter taste) like taste and it tastes so delicious combined with the gol gappas . I know they sound delicious too  ;) They serve them with two types of chatnees (sauces). The one is white colored chatni made of yogurt and spices and the other one is meethi chatni which tastes somehow sweet and sour. I have no idea what they do to the filling of gol gappas but they taste so good . There are wood benches for sitting and we enjoy gol gappas in open air with the noise of traffic :P This is a must try desi food .

The next food that is tempting to me is the paapri chaat available in a small food stall under Sitara mall beside the parking area. They have made it look like a small restaurant. Sitting area is nice and small. The waiters here are very nice having a good attitude. They have quite a reasonable menu and they offer many dishes but the one I liked the most is their paapri chaat. It tasted too good and it was added in my best snacks as I took the first bite. They mix potatoes and channas with salad in it and some spices and covered all over with the paapar (a crispy thing made of flour). They serve it with the khatta paani as served with the gol gappas and some chatnees. It is spicy somehow but the paapar lessens the spices in mouth and it tastes very nice. A must try food if you want to boost up your energy after shopping ;)

The next favorite of mine are the cutlets I eat every time coming hostel and on my way back home. My mom is a very good cook but she still can't guess the secret ingredient in these cutlets. There is a small stall near a petrol pump and I guess the person's wife make the material of these cutlets for him . I don't know what ingredients they put in the potatoes they taste so good I never have this kind of taste elsewhere .I wonder from where on earth she got this recipe. The mashed potatoes are covered with a mixture of baisan (gram flour) and fried till crispy. Puts them in pieces of paper and my whole family eats them in a desi style with hands during the journey.  I love them really they beat the taste of hi fi expensive restaurants. Eating them with my family makes them more special for me. No science can prove the taste of expensive restaurants recipes with the taste in this poor man's hands . Some things are God gifted and no one can Challenge it !!

Things are getting some serious :p but the things is you ll die of the taste of these dishes when you ll try :P I am not exaggerating :P
That is a fact , Wherever We Pakistanis will go our heart still  remains desi and that is our best quality !! Love Pakistan and Pakistani food too ;)

Take Care xxx :)

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