Monday, 29 April 2013

Freddy's Lahore......BEST STEAKS EVER !!

Hey budds !!

Whenever my heart wants steaks my mind always remember the taste of the steaks i had in Lahore months ago in Freddy's cafe. It is a family style restaurant located on MM Alam road Lahore with Pakistani cousine.
I loved the restaurant from the core of my heart really I loved the environment I loved the ambiance I loved the food I loved the taste and I loved the interior of restaurant.

The restaurant is surrounded by plants and greenery . There are glass walls and outside them is a beautiful green world . It seems like we are sitting in a garden full of green beautiful plants and flowers. It feels very fresh and pleasant .  The interior was out class , the plant decorations hanging on the walls , the arrangement of sitting area the lights and decorations hanging above the tables everything seems lovely. If I would be a Lahori it would definitely be my routine  to go there and sit quietly in some corner read newspaper or something :P I always feel Love sitting there.

Lets talk about the food about which my blog is and I always forget while thinking of food :P Though every food feels like same when I am hungry and I can't think critically about food with empty belly but I would atleast try :P

First of all talking of their menu it was so nice. It seems like some English newspaper and I like their concept at least it was something new.

They have every kind of food from burgers to steaks. The prices are reasonable If you want a sophisticated dining or a family dinner this place is perfect....Formal and casual at the same time.  I have tried many dishes here I love the taste but what I like the most is their steaks.The steaks are in normal prices I guess in the range of 700 to 750 Rs. Their way of serving is owsume.  They have multiple types of steaks and all are equally good. I love the freddy's special and butterfly steak.

They serve the steak in sizzler and my heart starts jumping with the mouthwatering smell at the same time :P .The steak is filled with alot of cheese and served with mashed or buttered potatoes and boiled vegetables with the steak dipped in special sauce which I don't know the name but it has a sweet and sour type taste.  I am having a mouth water attack while writing this lol but its okaay once you ll try it you ll have these kind of attacks too :P Chicken is so well cooked and having it with mashed potatoes and vegetables feels so delecious that I can't express in words. I can still feel the taste in my mouth ......slurk...... slurk....... :P :P

Overall it was the best experience of fine dining. and I would suggest If you are a steak lover this place is for you. I love their salad too but mostly this is a steak place. I haven't have steaks anywhere more delicious than here. The atmosphere and the food collectively makes Freddy's a best place to eat.

Let me handle my mouth water attack now ;) Take care

Sunday, 28 April 2013

SUBWAY.........A place for diet conscious geeks !!

This add is giving some exaggerated view of the subway sandwich Let me tell you the truth ;) Yeah...... Though quite popular in other countries SUBWAY sandwiches are not so popular in Pakistan but I find it very good when I don't want to put up weight !! It is a good option to eat more often without feeling heavy. It is not filled like this as shown in add but it still taste quite delecious. Diet concious people find it very good for filling the tummy without getting fat cuz it contains fresh vegetables and nothing fried or oil  involved in it. The sandwich is just baked and the chicken is cooked without using oil.

Other famous burgers like of Mc Donald's ,  KFC , Fry Chicks etc can't be compared with respect to taste with the subway sandwich cuz they have their own place but if you talk about the lightest burger out f all the burgers, Subway is the best option.

We visit subway's newly opened branch in FSD very often and I like it mostly cuz of its diet thingy plus i love its taste . I choose it today for my dinner . I usually buy a 6 inch sub of the day so I decided to go with it today too. The people with larger tummies can order Footlong but i can't handle it :P

It was fajita....Chose  a sesame bread got it filled with fajita chicken and extra cheese and a lot of vegetables tomatoes, cucumber, lattice, olives, pickles and jalapenos and sauces french, thousand island, chili garlic, olive oil , bar-b-q sauce and mayonnaise with a refill of coke :P It made a complete meal for me . I like the environment and ambiance of subway too it is a good place to dine in. Sub of the day deal is economical so most of the time i go for it but other ways its fajita and patty chicken are my favorite. don't try its tikka flavor it is not good. I haven't tried meats other than chicken so that's up to you if you want to try them on your own risk ;)

As a summary ( Although all my posts are so summarized and this is cuz of the reason I speak so less so I write less and comprehensive too :P That's my nature sorry can't change it :P) Subway is a very good option for dinner when you feel like having something light without calories.
Have it with your eyes and enjoy it :P ;)

Take Care xxx :)

Desi Breakfast !

Hey !
I am not a mummy daddy girl lol so it is obvious that i like desi food the most. And doing breakfast in D ground with naan chanas or halva puri sitting in desi environment is my favourite. So we all decided to have this desi nashta today . We always go there at between 6 and 7 am cuz having breakfast at that time has its own charm as we do breakfast in two out of 7 days of week. In week days we find no chance to have breakfast though we still get late for our lectures. that's another story :P

Anyways we marched towards D ground 7am in the morning and went to chaacha jee's place straight away. I don't remember the place's exact name but we used to call it nashtaay wali jaga lol . I ordered naan chaanas and some of my friends ordered halva puri too with a large glass of lassi. I love the way they serve the breakfast. They serve different chanaas with naan and different with halva puri and serve them with pickles, salad and a special achaari potatoes which are yummy really. The crunchy puris , sweet halwa and tasty chanaas make us feel we have lived our lives :P

Eating this desi breakfast with morning breeze always happens to be a good experience for me. Taste wise their chanaas are the best. The nashta was mouthwateringly delicious and having it with a glass of lassi made us all dizzy at that time lol. Chaacha jee was so enthusiastic to make us eat more lol He comes again and again and asked whether we need something or not this kinda environment is rare now .We got back to hostel and fell on our beds and went asleep ;) It was a lovely experience and you guys should try it too I loved it and i hope you ll too . Have a look of our breakfast I am sure your mouth would start watering too :P

This was the crispy puris with very tasty halwa and channas and I love the taste of puri chanas and halva in my mouth combined :P

 This were naan channaas . These channas have a slight different taste than of channas with puri but they were so yummy ahh.... i can still feel the taste of them with onions .....;)

 This was the great lassi glass and after having it all in our stomachs we were like in heavens lol :P

And we were like this after breakfast ;)


Hope you enjoyed....Take care xxx

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pizzalicious !!

Hey !
So depressed cuz of hunger I decided to order something today. The answer to why i was depressed cuz of hunger is that we don't have lunch cooked in mess on holidays ! And as I woke up so early :P breakfast time was over too . So after feeding my tummy all day with lays and kurkuraas I decided to order pizza from frychicks. There are many restaurents offering different deals on pizzas but the fact that i like frichick's pizza the most is its size that is still larger than others :P (I am talking about the personal size pizzas) and its taste and alota chicken too :P I have love for their fajita flavour and tikka is good too . Forks and knives pizza is good in taste too but it is so small that it can't fill my tummy at one time. Taste wise, frychicks and forks and knives are the best. Pizza hut's pizzas have just the name they have nothing to do with owsumness of taste really i have tried it so many times but there is noting special in their pizzas plus the prices are far more than other restaurants. One plus point they have is they offer alot od add ons and flavours range than others. I am a pizza lover rather than a burger lover . My belly is shouting right now and pizza is infront of me while I am writing this post . Let me grab it I am sure it would be pizzalicious !! ;)

Take care xxx

First Post Formalities !

Hey ! 
As this is my first post so I would first like to fulfill some formalities . Its nice to be formal sometimes :P  Yeah so I would like to tell you guys about my everyday life. I don't have a social life most of the days. I have 3 friends in hostel and we use to hangout most often. And it is necessary for us to eat something while hanging out :P We have tried almost all fsd restaurants and some of lahori restaurants too. And despite hanging out, we use to order food too when nothing good is cooked in our hostel mess. The aunty there cooks vegetables most of the time which I don't like to eat. So I order food most of the times and whenever I feel craving even if it is midnight lol . We do three tasks enthusiastically here...eating, gossiping and sleeping ! ;) So that's a complete yet comprehensive look up of my everyday routine. Although food here is not so good but I love my hostel and eating here in my room on my bed :P I have to watch a movie now so let me go ;)

That's my Hostel

Take care xxx