Sunday, 28 April 2013

SUBWAY.........A place for diet conscious geeks !!

This add is giving some exaggerated view of the subway sandwich Let me tell you the truth ;) Yeah...... Though quite popular in other countries SUBWAY sandwiches are not so popular in Pakistan but I find it very good when I don't want to put up weight !! It is a good option to eat more often without feeling heavy. It is not filled like this as shown in add but it still taste quite delecious. Diet concious people find it very good for filling the tummy without getting fat cuz it contains fresh vegetables and nothing fried or oil  involved in it. The sandwich is just baked and the chicken is cooked without using oil.

Other famous burgers like of Mc Donald's ,  KFC , Fry Chicks etc can't be compared with respect to taste with the subway sandwich cuz they have their own place but if you talk about the lightest burger out f all the burgers, Subway is the best option.

We visit subway's newly opened branch in FSD very often and I like it mostly cuz of its diet thingy plus i love its taste . I choose it today for my dinner . I usually buy a 6 inch sub of the day so I decided to go with it today too. The people with larger tummies can order Footlong but i can't handle it :P

It was fajita....Chose  a sesame bread got it filled with fajita chicken and extra cheese and a lot of vegetables tomatoes, cucumber, lattice, olives, pickles and jalapenos and sauces french, thousand island, chili garlic, olive oil , bar-b-q sauce and mayonnaise with a refill of coke :P It made a complete meal for me . I like the environment and ambiance of subway too it is a good place to dine in. Sub of the day deal is economical so most of the time i go for it but other ways its fajita and patty chicken are my favorite. don't try its tikka flavor it is not good. I haven't tried meats other than chicken so that's up to you if you want to try them on your own risk ;)

As a summary ( Although all my posts are so summarized and this is cuz of the reason I speak so less so I write less and comprehensive too :P That's my nature sorry can't change it :P) Subway is a very good option for dinner when you feel like having something light without calories.
Have it with your eyes and enjoy it :P ;)

Take Care xxx :)

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