Monday, 29 April 2013

Freddy's Lahore......BEST STEAKS EVER !!

Hey budds !!

Whenever my heart wants steaks my mind always remember the taste of the steaks i had in Lahore months ago in Freddy's cafe. It is a family style restaurant located on MM Alam road Lahore with Pakistani cousine.
I loved the restaurant from the core of my heart really I loved the environment I loved the ambiance I loved the food I loved the taste and I loved the interior of restaurant.

The restaurant is surrounded by plants and greenery . There are glass walls and outside them is a beautiful green world . It seems like we are sitting in a garden full of green beautiful plants and flowers. It feels very fresh and pleasant .  The interior was out class , the plant decorations hanging on the walls , the arrangement of sitting area the lights and decorations hanging above the tables everything seems lovely. If I would be a Lahori it would definitely be my routine  to go there and sit quietly in some corner read newspaper or something :P I always feel Love sitting there.

Lets talk about the food about which my blog is and I always forget while thinking of food :P Though every food feels like same when I am hungry and I can't think critically about food with empty belly but I would atleast try :P

First of all talking of their menu it was so nice. It seems like some English newspaper and I like their concept at least it was something new.

They have every kind of food from burgers to steaks. The prices are reasonable If you want a sophisticated dining or a family dinner this place is perfect....Formal and casual at the same time.  I have tried many dishes here I love the taste but what I like the most is their steaks.The steaks are in normal prices I guess in the range of 700 to 750 Rs. Their way of serving is owsume.  They have multiple types of steaks and all are equally good. I love the freddy's special and butterfly steak.

They serve the steak in sizzler and my heart starts jumping with the mouthwatering smell at the same time :P .The steak is filled with alot of cheese and served with mashed or buttered potatoes and boiled vegetables with the steak dipped in special sauce which I don't know the name but it has a sweet and sour type taste.  I am having a mouth water attack while writing this lol but its okaay once you ll try it you ll have these kind of attacks too :P Chicken is so well cooked and having it with mashed potatoes and vegetables feels so delecious that I can't express in words. I can still feel the taste in my mouth ......slurk...... slurk....... :P :P

Overall it was the best experience of fine dining. and I would suggest If you are a steak lover this place is for you. I love their salad too but mostly this is a steak place. I haven't have steaks anywhere more delicious than here. The atmosphere and the food collectively makes Freddy's a best place to eat.

Let me handle my mouth water attack now ;) Take care


  1. You have exquisitely described it. Your words are so compelling that think I would have to try it soon.
    I am good at 2 things writing code and eating good food. :P

  2. Thanks so much you should try it it is amazing really :) I love the steaks there :) So from which university have you done your MCS ?

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