Saturday, 27 April 2013

Pizzalicious !!

Hey !
So depressed cuz of hunger I decided to order something today. The answer to why i was depressed cuz of hunger is that we don't have lunch cooked in mess on holidays ! And as I woke up so early :P breakfast time was over too . So after feeding my tummy all day with lays and kurkuraas I decided to order pizza from frychicks. There are many restaurents offering different deals on pizzas but the fact that i like frichick's pizza the most is its size that is still larger than others :P (I am talking about the personal size pizzas) and its taste and alota chicken too :P I have love for their fajita flavour and tikka is good too . Forks and knives pizza is good in taste too but it is so small that it can't fill my tummy at one time. Taste wise, frychicks and forks and knives are the best. Pizza hut's pizzas have just the name they have nothing to do with owsumness of taste really i have tried it so many times but there is noting special in their pizzas plus the prices are far more than other restaurants. One plus point they have is they offer alot od add ons and flavours range than others. I am a pizza lover rather than a burger lover . My belly is shouting right now and pizza is infront of me while I am writing this post . Let me grab it I am sure it would be pizzalicious !! ;)

Take care xxx

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