Sunday, 28 April 2013

Desi Breakfast !

Hey !
I am not a mummy daddy girl lol so it is obvious that i like desi food the most. And doing breakfast in D ground with naan chanas or halva puri sitting in desi environment is my favourite. So we all decided to have this desi nashta today . We always go there at between 6 and 7 am cuz having breakfast at that time has its own charm as we do breakfast in two out of 7 days of week. In week days we find no chance to have breakfast though we still get late for our lectures. that's another story :P

Anyways we marched towards D ground 7am in the morning and went to chaacha jee's place straight away. I don't remember the place's exact name but we used to call it nashtaay wali jaga lol . I ordered naan chaanas and some of my friends ordered halva puri too with a large glass of lassi. I love the way they serve the breakfast. They serve different chanaas with naan and different with halva puri and serve them with pickles, salad and a special achaari potatoes which are yummy really. The crunchy puris , sweet halwa and tasty chanaas make us feel we have lived our lives :P

Eating this desi breakfast with morning breeze always happens to be a good experience for me. Taste wise their chanaas are the best. The nashta was mouthwateringly delicious and having it with a glass of lassi made us all dizzy at that time lol. Chaacha jee was so enthusiastic to make us eat more lol He comes again and again and asked whether we need something or not this kinda environment is rare now .We got back to hostel and fell on our beds and went asleep ;) It was a lovely experience and you guys should try it too I loved it and i hope you ll too . Have a look of our breakfast I am sure your mouth would start watering too :P

This was the crispy puris with very tasty halwa and channas and I love the taste of puri chanas and halva in my mouth combined :P

 This were naan channaas . These channas have a slight different taste than of channas with puri but they were so yummy ahh.... i can still feel the taste of them with onions .....;)

 This was the great lassi glass and after having it all in our stomachs we were like in heavens lol :P

And we were like this after breakfast ;)


Hope you enjoyed....Take care xxx

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