Wednesday, 1 May 2013

TABAQ Faisalabad....One good And One Bad Experience !

Goooooooood Morning :P

Before writing something about food I would like to mention some things. I am new to writing basically i did writing before but not this type of writing.... I can't write very well and I am aware of it but I am learning. They say "Reading improves writing" and I completely agree to it. All what I can write at this stage is what i have read before. The point is there is always a room for improvement and I hope you guys will give me a chance to improve myself  :)

Coming towards fooooood ;) Tabaq is a newly opened place in FSD . It has branches in many cities and i heard alot about it before visiting it. I first happened to go there a month ago and It was a very bad experience that i never visited it again till today. It was quite a famous restaurant and I thought It wont let me down but the first impression was not so good.

The environment and ambiance is average. They have the typical red and grey combination in their interior which looks good but not extra ordinary. Sitting arrangement is good and the place is like a puzzle where finding way is not so easy. First when you enter some waiter or the person standing there welcomes you and takes you towards your place. I was not so impressed by the looks too. It is a typical family type restaurant for elders more especially. Youngsters can't have fun eating here. The waiters here in FSD branch are so ill mannered (I can't find another appropriate word other than this). They taunt you and give insulting smiles when you order and say humiliating sentences ( that is my experience may be the one attending me was that type alone).
We ordered charga ( cuz I heard alot about its taste n other branches like in Lahore) , chicken Manchurian and chow mein with some salad, raita and naan . I personally love Chinese :P They served the food after about half an hour . The service was average too. I first tried chicken manchurian that was above average not so good . It was lacking so many things. Then I tried chow mein which were good . The taste was quite well. Then at the last I tried the most famous charga which was too bad it had no taste and it was so hard to swallow due to its dryness...I have never tasted this bad charga before in my life it was a total disappointment. That visit overall was a total waste of money and time. That was the reason I never visited tabaq till today .

One of my friend wanted to go there with us.Scared of the fist experience we just ordered masala rice and Chicken ginger which was a boneless haandi with some raita, salad and naan. This time both the dishes tasted quite good. Masala rice tasted somewhat spicy which was good and the Chicken ginger though having less taste of ginger tasted quite well.  The behavior of waiters was the same this time.  I haven't visited other branches of tabaq but it is quite famous . I can't understand why the FSD branch is not like the Lahore one. They haven't maintained that quality which is not a good thing. They ll loose their fame if they ll not try to improve this branch too.

You should visit this place but be choosy while selecting dishes to eat. Don't try charga here in fsd branch ever according to my recommendation. This place is good if you have to do a dinner with your own family or you can come here with uncles and aunties. If you have young friends don't come here. I am sure if some people from Tabaq will read my blog they will ban me from here :P but that was all about my experience. May be your experience is better than me. Do tell me if you have some experience of eating here.
Have a look at the food and get jealous :P :P

Chicken Manchurian


Masala Rice

Chow mein

Chicken Ginger

Eat More and stay happy :)Take Care

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